Energy Efficient Pool Pumps Melbourne

Looking for an energy efficient pool pump in Melbourne? At AquaTech, we know just how effective quality pool pumps can be in reducing running costs and overall pool health and maintenance. Quality pumps maintain pool water quality by recirculating it through the filtration system and water treatment. AquaTech offers supply and installation of energy efficient pool pumps in Melbourne, including the Zodiac FloPro ePump, an easy-to-use pump that offers significant energy savings of up to 90 percent – providing the perfect solution for energy efficient pool pumps.

For larger pools, multiple Spa Jets, water features or in-floor cleaning systems, a larger capacity pump may be required. The Astral Viron P600 eVo has an impressive 600 litres per minute flow rate, perfect for more expansive water maintenance and offering up to $1000 a year in energy savings. And rest easy knowing that your quality energy efficient pool pump will come with a three-year warranty, guaranteeing exceptional reliability in this investment for the future.

Worried that your energy efficient pool pump will break the bank? Take advantage of our Certegy Ezi-Pay Payment Plan, and pay only a deposit and no interest to own your money saving pool pump purchased through and installed by AquaTech today! Your pocket will thank you in the future. 

Energy efficient pool pumps can reduce power consumption by up to 90%

They are the foundation for healthy water by decreasing the time pumps need to operate during the day.

  • Realize massive savings without buying an expensive complicated control system.
  • Can easily replace your existing pool pump.
  • You will probably notice that the energy efficient pumps are more quiet than the usual pump.
  • Reduce your home's energy usage.


Energy Efficient Pool Pumps in Melbourne