Spa Cleaning Service Melbourne

AquaTech Pool and Spa Solutions is your one stop service for an affordable and professional spa cleaning service in Melbourne. With over 8 years’ experience in the pool industry combined with premium quality customer service, you’re guaranteed prompt delivery time and an incomparable service every time you choose AquaTech Pool and Spa Solutions for your spa cleaning service in Melbourne.

What's included in our spa cleaning service in Melbourne?

Our spa cleaning service in Melbourne is specifically designed to offer a comprehensive and all-inclusive solution to ensure your spa is in working order all year-round. As part of our spa cleaning service, we offer:

  • Testing the spa water balance and determining which chemicals are required to ensure a healthy and sanitised spa.

  • Cleaning the filter elements

  • Maintenance and cleaning advice to ensure optimum performance all year-round.  

How often should I have my spa serviced?

Unlike a swimming pool, a spa can be comfortably used all year round, from summer right through to winter, meaning regular maintenance and servicing is a must. At AquaTech Pool and Spa Solutions, we offer spa servicing on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly schedule. However, the team at AquaTech Pool and Spa are flexible and more than willing to work on a non-regular servicing basis for your convenience. On an important note, the more frequently your spa is serviced and balanced, the higher the water quality and sanitation. Infrequent spa services and maintenance is likely to result in unbalance water, which often leads to skin and eye irritation or sickness. In addition to this, poor water quality can damage spa equipment and spa surfaces, resulting in a much more costly repair. To ensure a balanced and sanitized spa all year round, be sure to take advantage of AquaTech Pool and Spa Solutions’ spa cleaning service in Melbourne.

For more information on our spa cleaning service or spa maintenance service, contact us today by completing the Contact Form or Free Call 1800 101 102.