How to go about heating your pool with gas
Gas heating pumps A lot of pool owners and users complain about the temperature of their pools; you will hear them say stuff like, “I love to swim, but the water is always too cold.” Well, technology has made life more comfortable, even in the coldest of regions, you can now swim all year round if you would like to, thanks to the invention of pool heaters. There are three primary pool heaters used in pools, solar heating panels, electric heat pumps and gas heaters. Of the three, the most popular is the gas heater, and that is what this article will be focusing on. Widely regarded as the ..
Heat pump for pool how does it work?
What are pool heat pumps? Heat pumps serve as a great, popular way to warm-up your pool and reduce heating costs. Heat pumps are installed just as easily as other pool heaters. Also, advanced controls make operating the heat pump simpler than ever. Overall, the heat pump will significantly reduce your operating cost and extend your pool season without breaking the bank. The device extracts the heat from the air, intensifies it with a compressor, and delivers the new heat to the water as it flows through the system. The process is clean, efficient and most importantly cost effective. ..
How to clean algae stains from pool
So your pools built up with Algae stains? We all prefer a good swim in the afternoon or during the summer season. But what will happen to our pool after winter? There may be a build up of algae! So how do we go about cleaning your pool of algae stains? We should always expect the unexpected algae stains around the pool after a long time! But how do we deal with this? First, we need to Identify the cause of the pool stains. If you see sheets in your pool, then the stain may be caused by something organic. The stains on your pool may be caused by leaves which are usually greenish and w..
Why Should You Clean Your Swimming Pool?
Introduction Pool cleaning may be considered a routine practice in many homes but what remains surprising is that if you ask many homeowners the main reasons as to why they regularly clean their pools, you will hardly get any answers beyond the mere intention of keeping the place hygienic.   While that is indeed one of the primary reasons why you need to undertake regular pool cleaning, there are plenty more reasons that stretch beyond the mere need to have a visually clean pool.   Read on to find out some more reasons...     The Obvious Reasons As al..
10 Factors that go into Adequate Pool Maintenance
Here are ten factors that tie into swimming pool upkeep that you can attempt today. Whether you have a significant your swimming pool for the first time or you have been a happy owner for many years, have a look at these pointers to make your summertime season start to the ideal start.   1. Make pool skimming and scrubbing a part of Pool Life   Skimming the leaves and particles off of the surface area of the water is a no-brainer. However, it bears continual work. For a wonderful swimming pool, skimming must be done daily. If you have a little bit of loan to invest..
Pool care for dummies - The cost of maintaining a pool
As temperatures ascend in late spring and early summer, it's enticing to consider making your backyard an oasis, finishing it off with an in-ground pool, outside grilling area, and outdoor seats for every one of your family members and friends. Amid hot summer days, your place will be the most common spot in the area. On the off chance that you've considered putting in a pool, you may be prepared to dive into one this year. It's entirely your choice, yet ensure you have a firm handle on the numbers, so a pool's expensive upkeep doesn't wreck your precisely developed spending plan. How ..
Solar Pool Heating and the Benefits of Using it in your Swimming Pool
During the winter season of June and August, swimming pools are mostly unused and algae, as well as some other amphibians, invade it. No one wants to jump into the water within cold temperatures; you will find this too much to go through. Though the idea of pool heating is excellent to outlive the cold months, a lot of pool owners are experiencing problems with expensive heating solutions as the costs for running heated pools are high. This is where the application of solar pool heating will come in, to save lots of people from the problem of spending too much cash for warm and fresh water ..
Keep your spa and pools running magnificent with a pool specialist in Melbourne
Taking care of your pool or spa can turn to be a tedious job, but keeping it sparkling clean is what everyone wants. The secret to a clean pool is routine care. By just following the below-mentioned techniques, you can keep up the beauty of your pool and spa:   1. Skimming the pool or spa by hands every week and using a hand skimmer or leaf skimmer to remove unwanted leaves, bugs can help in improving the pool circulation, thereby reducing the amount of chlorine to be added to the pool. 2. Vacuum & brushing the tiles: You need to vacuum the pool every week to keep the water..
Contacting a specialist for Pool Repairs in Melbourne
Are you undergoing pool trouble or looking for routine pool maintenance? You will most likely need a licensed pool maintenance professional to get the job done accurately.   What to look for in a pool maintenance & repair company?   An online search will reveal a wide array of pool service technicians. Some might be local one-man operations while others might be national pool repair and maintenance companies. This might make your selection process quite confusing. National swimming maintenance companies handle a wide range of customers so can benefit from economies..
Pool Service Technicians and carrying out Pool Care
A pool is not a pool if it does not look enticing enough to want to make you have a splash as soon as you see it, but it takes some effort to keep it that way, and hence proper care is needed to keep the swimming pool nice and clean. Now, natural water bodies, such as rivers and lakes, are naturally clean and beautiful as long as harmful human activities don't pollute it, but with swimming pools, there is an actual need for human intervention to maintain and service it: that's where a pool service technician comes in. What is a pool service technician and what do they do? A pool maintena..
Get Your Pool Clean For The Christmas Holidays!
Christmas is just around the corner, as a matter of fact its only 10 days away. I guess all of your are racing around looking for gifts for the loved ones. But have you thought about getting your pool cleaned for the Christmas holidays. The days are getting hotter and we are most likely approaching some heatwaves especially if you are living in Melbourne, the really hot days we usually get in summer. The pool will be the sure best pick on the hot days so its best to make sure your pool is running smooth and all your equipment working properly. Do you want some DIY tips on keeping your pool ..
Keeping Your Pool Maintenance Running 100%
Keeping your pool clean, efficient and safe is a tough job. To keep your pool running perfectly, you need professionals, and we are up for it. Maintaining a clean pool environment is a job for a pool professional. The two major reasons are quality and second its reliability, but you also need a pool technician who is totally certified who knows the local rules and regulations and can do any needed repairs and renovations to the pool that may spring up.   What we focus on when carrying out a pool service:     Water pH Chlorine-pH Test is an accurate metho..
Let a Professional Handle Your Pool Maintenance in Melbourne
Swimming pools are basic luxuries that everyone wishes they had. To get the best out of your pool, you need to hire a professional pool cleaning service to maintain it. Whether you require commercial or residential pool cleaning services, it is a good idea to bring them in at least once a week to take good care of your pool. After being used for some time, swimming pools tend to get contaminated by the swimmers and other external factors. Therefore, hiring residential or commercial pool cleaning services is essential to keep the swimming pool in top condition. This will ensure that the pool..
The Benefits Of Swimming Pool Maintenance
Swimming pool maintenance is no walk in the park, and if you have ever tried doing it yourself you understand what I am talking about. Not only does one need to perform constant upkeep of the pool, but it is also wise to manage it day-by-day.   Below are a few helpful tips to allow you to perform such maintenance.   1. Run the pool filter as often as possible.   The truth is, if you can run it around the clock then you should do it, but it could be costly. It is wise to run the filter at least eight hours daily. If you have got a timer, then place it to swit..
Aquatech Pool & Spa Solutions - One of Melbournes Leading Pool Cleaning Specialists
Looking to get your pool cleaned or fixed for the upcoming Christmas holidays for the children? Be sure to contact Aquatech Pool & Spa Solutions one of Melbournes Leading Pool Cleaning Specialists. Aquatech provides pool cleaning and pool maintenance to a 40km radius around Burnside Heights. Aquatech provides support for spas as well as pools with maintenance for pool solar heating, automatic pool chlorinators, energy efficient pool pumps, pool automation, pool gas heating, pool heat pumps, LED pool lighting, pool blankets and rollers and more, AquaTech stock and install a range..