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Keeping Your Pool Maintenance Running 100%

Keeping your pool clean, efficient and safe is a tough job. To keep your pool running perfectly, you need professionals, and we are up for it. Maintaining a clean pool environment is a job for a pool professional.

The two major reasons are quality and second its reliability, but you also need a pool technician who is totally certified who knows the local rules and regulations and can do any needed repairs and renovations to the pool that may spring up.


What we focus on when carrying out a pool service:


Melbourne Pool Maintenance


Water pH

Chlorine-pH Test is an accurate method that consists of putting the kit in the water and filling the compartments of the Chlorine test kit with pool water. Adding a Phenol Red tablet to the water, close the lid tightly and shaking until the tablet has dissolved. When the water changes colour, we identify the colour of the water with what's on the colour pH chart on the kit to determine the pH value. To maintain the range of the water, the range must be tested daily through chlorine and pH test. Reducing or enhancing the pH will depend on the outcome of the result.

Water Disinfection

It is easy to measure and control the pathogens that are usually found in pool water through chlorine because it is very useful against them. It is totally inexpensive, and it also becomes disinfectant when successfully used in water. It has been used for many years now.

For disinfecting pool water to the same degree of efficiency as chlorine, bromine is a very powerful oxidant. Especially being very effective against different viruses, fungi and bacteria, also, to abolishing organic impurities from the water. And also it does not give off any irritating smells as compare to chlorine.

Maintain Water Balance

Due to the infections of algae, bacteria and organic matter in the water, sometimes pool water often loses its transparency and becomes cloudy. To help the filter or skimmer absorb the smallest particles by grouping them together, clarifies or flocculants are used, which makes them easier to remove the dirt particles. As a result, they prevent the cloudiness in the water, as well as helping to eliminate the unnecessary oils and creams that are floating on the water. This also helps in running the filters more smoothly and efficiently.


Problems and what could possibly be their causes?


Cloudy Water

· Poor filtration 

· High pH 

· Excess organic matter

· High hardness


Green Water

· Formation of algae

· Low alkalinity


Brown Water

· Presence of iron or manganese


Stains on Walls

· Presence of metal ions


Scale in Water

· Precipitation of calcium salts


Irritation to Eyes and Skin

· Un Adjusted pH


Bad Smells

· Organic residues excess


Maintaining the pool with a chlorinator


What else we maintain:

Concerning the operation of the pools filtration system other areas that are maintained are:



There are multiple skimmers that draw water just like the main drains, but they suck water only from the top of the pool. We service and supply swimming pool skimmers and can install them for you.



Is the same function as the regular vacuum cleaners but instead of air they suck water. We can carry out cleaning and maintenance on the vacuum ports.



Two or more drains are located at the bottom of the pool to provide filtration. These need to be serviced and cleaned from time to time.



The water pump simply circulates the water through the filtration system. We can carry out cleaning and maintenance on the pump and motors.



A device used to remove particles suspended in the water by pumping water through a porous substance or material. Filters need to be cleaned as they build up with gunk over long use.



The heater works by the burning fuel and passing the heat to the exchanger raising the overall water’s temperature. The heaters need to be checked they are running correctly.


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