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Pool service technicians and what they do to carry out their services

A pool is not a pool if it does not look enticing enough to want to make you have a splash as soon as you see it, but it takes some effort to keep it that way, and hence proper care is needed to keep the swimming pool nice and clean. Now, natural water bodies, such as rivers and lakes, are naturally clean and beautiful as long as harmful human activities don't pollute it, but with swimming pools, there is an actual need for human intervention to maintain and service it: that's where a pool service technician comes in.

What is a pool service technician and what do they do?

A pool maintenance technician is a professional provider of pool services, in whose hands lie the responsibility of keeping a swimming pool clean and fit for use, the goal is to keep the water germ free to prevent the spread of waterborne diseasesKids jumping in pool and to keep the water crystal clear.

His job includes not just cleaning the pool but also servicing and maintaining all equipment used in pools such as filters and pumps as well as boards, pool covers, etc. While many people clean their pools at home, a professional pool cleaner is usually employed to clean commercial and public pools.

A pool technician's duty normally consists of cleaning the pool, for which chlorine releasing compounds is a commonly used disinfectant.

A simple tool like the skimmer is used mechanically by a technician to remove dirt from the pool.

Nowadays, an 'automated pool cleaner' is also used, which, as the name suggests, is an automatic device for cleaning pools: it is a vacuum cleaner that cleans the sediments and dirt in the swimming pool, and as with other automatic devices, this device too decreases the need for human effort in the whole cleaning process and is less time-consuming.

Some other services carried out

A pool service technician's other works include testing the overall water quality and the pH balance because a stable pH balance is required to be maintained in the pool; ensuring the proper cleaning and servicing of water filters and equipment such as dehumidifiers and pumps used in the pools; keeping a check on pool walls and floors for corrosion or leakage and repairing it when necessary.

Since the entire responsibility of hygiene maintenance of the pool is on his shoulders, a pool technician, basically, has to do everything that forms part of keeping a swimming pool clean and hygienic, which includes hygiene maintenance of the swimmers, so helping the swimmers keep the hygiene standards is part of his job. In any case, if there is something related to pool service that he is not able to fix himself, then he reports to his superior for redressal.

Like with most trades, pool service technicians also have a procedure in place for proper certification. With a certificate from such an organization, one becomes eligible and qualified to work as pool service technician, and it helps the employer as well in employing the right person for the job.

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