Aquatech Pool & Spa Solutions - One of Melbournes Leading Pool Cleaning Specialists

Aquatech Pool & Spa Solutions - One of Melbournes Leading Pool Cleaning Specialists

Looking to get your pool cleaned or fixed for the upcoming Christmas holidays for the children? Be sure to contact Aquatech Pool & Spa Solutions one of Melbournes Leading Pool Cleaning Specialists.

Aquatech provides pool cleaning and pool maintenance to a 40km radius around Burnside Heights.

Aquatech provides support for spas as well as pools with maintenance for pool solar heating, automatic pool chlorinators, energy efficient pool pumps, pool automation, pool gas heating, pool heat pumps, LED pool lighting, pool blankets and rollers and more, AquaTech stock and install a range of leading pool equipment brands, including Astral Pool, Daisy Pool Covers & Rollers, Spa Electrics, Sunbather, Zodiac and Hayward.

We try to distance ourselves aside from other pool and spa companies in Melbourne through striving to teach our clients and the city on the need for regular pool servicing. By remaining true to a standard maintenance schedule, this puts us in the perfect position to amend minor issues before they become expensive and large.

Our experienced mobile pool technician shall keep you current with the latest pool equipment, like pumps, filtration system, chlorinators and pool automation systems and you will be the first to be informed whenever your pool and spa products and accessories need upgrading.

We understand the fantastic investment of having pool or spa for the house, and so the importance is known by us of how we should keep a regular check on your pool.

We want to ensure that each pool and spa is clean and healthy so others can have a pleasurable swim which explains why we offer pool and spa servicing, maintenance and pool water testing to know what chemicals will need to be applied to keep them well balanced.

And that means you can rest easy realising that your pool or spa is in tip-top condition and gone any parasites and algae that may potentially cause problems for your household in the foreseeable future.

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