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MagnaPool Minerals System Installation

What are MAGNAPOOL Mineral Systems?

Magnapool mineral systems is an alternative to salt and chlorine by making your pool based on magnesium.

The idea is to become more in tune with nature, to create a pool better for the environment and easier on the skin. MagnaPool is the only trusted mineral pool products provider.MagnaPool Pool Minerals Bag

Their products make pools beautiful to swim in and beneficial for the health and wellbeing of the swimmers.

MagnaPool features a blend of minerals that are an alternative to traditional saltwater pools or chlorine.

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The benefits of a MAGNAPOOL system?

A magnesium mineral swimming pool can do marvels for your health. Swimming in a MagnaPool ® can assist in reducing pains and discomforts and relieve your skin, thanks to a distinct, trademarked mix of magnesium chloride and potassium chloride..

You'll likewise discover that mineral swimming pool water simply feels different than usual, nearly silky smooth, making it satisfaction to experience. Eyes will experience little to no inflammation, and hair 

Relieves stress, anxiety and detoxifies the body

and skin will not have that chlorine odour or sticky salt sensation you obtain from swimming in a chlorinated or seawater swimming pool.


Stay healthy & happy in a Mineral Pool

From the first time you delve into a MagnaPool ® you can feel the distinction. The water has a mild, smooth sensation versus your skin. There is little or no inflammation to your eyes and your hair will not require cleaning to get rid of that chlorine odour or sticky salt sensation related to chlorine and saltwater swimming pools.

Your swimming pool will constantly have crystal clear water and will be exceptionally simple to keep. On top of this, you'll likewise discover that the mild mineral swimming pool water eliminates tension and stress and anxiety, cleanses the body, lowers pains and discomforts, and offers your muscles with energy.


MagnaPool uses Glass Media Filtration

Zodiac Filter Crystals are made from 100% recycled clear glass and belong to exactly what makes MagnaPool ® unique. The crystals are a kind of pool filter media that function as a direct replacement for sand or zeolite. Sand filtering, although popular, does have numerous restrictions, such as possibly hazardous germs development, ineffective backwashing and extra pressure on the sanitiser.

The smooth surface area of Zodiac glass crystals prevents germs from connecting to the glass. This leads to a much healthier filter tank, that is much safer for you and your household. When compared with routine sand, glass crystals can conserve approximately 65% of water through more effective backwashing. This is because of the bigger areas in between the particles which permits a more effective water circulation. Zodiac Crystallite filter media is readily available in 2 grades, fine and coarse-- and you require both grades to experience the distinction with a MagnaPool ®.


The main component of this system is the Hydroxinator

The system uses the Magnapool minerals and works on the principle of electrolysis. The hydroxinator is the main instrument for creating sanitized water that is healthy, soothing and joyful to swim in.


Technical Specifications

Description Mid Hydrox Large Hydrox
Sanitizer Output capacity 25 grm/hr 35 grm/hr
Maximum* average pool size (litres) 70000 100000
Plumbing 40mm or 50mm (reducers provided)
Operating mineral level minimum 5000ppm
Warranty on power pack and cell 3-year power pack and cell
*Based on a warm weather climate. Adjust for cooler or hotter climates.


Products include:

  • Hydroxinator
  • Magnapool test strips
  • Zodiac crystal clear
  • Magnapool minerals


If you would like more information on the MagnaPool system and would like more information you can contact us to have a talk about it or you can read some of the reviews on this awesome product.

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