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Pool Blankets and Rollers Melbourne

AquaTech are the trusted choice in quality and affordable pool blankets, rollers and covers in Melbourne, supplying and installing Daisy pool covers & rollers like the famous Daisy series 8 pool blanket. Daisy are the leaders in Australia for range, design, quality and service and are probably the best solar pool blanket providers. Their technically innovative swimming pool cover design is exclusive to Daisy, featuring the award-winning UltraDome technology to deliver maximum heating efficiency and value for money, eliminating 97% of evaporation from swimming pools and spas.

Allowing the sun to heat your pool water and preventing the sun’s heat from escaping, Daisy’s quality pool blankets, pool rollers and covers can double your swimming season in a cost efficient way – allowing your family to get maximum enjoyment out of your pool investment.

The solar blankets can be purchased seperately or setup by us and comes with a how to install a solar blanket pool cover for your benefit.

Do solar pool blankets work?

Does a solar blanket heat a swimming pool? Solar blankets do indeed work by allowing the sun's rays to be absorbed and in turn heating the pool. The blanket then stops any hot air from escaping keeping the pool nice and warm. They also help with keeping out dust, dirt and other types of debris. If you take the cover off don't forget to put it back on or else you wont benefit.



The Daisy Pool Covers & Rollers

Tested in harsh Australian conditions, Daisy pool covers and rollers are built to last the Aussie climate.

With a 10 year warranty, AquaTech can supply, install and maintain your quality Daisy pool blanket rollers, for a convenient service you’ll love. And thanks to our services, anyone can enjoy a Daisy product today! Simply pay a deposit on your product supplied and installed by AquaTech, and pay off your product at a rate suited to you with no interest on all payment plans. You won’t regret investing in quality pool blankets and rollers with help from AquaTech.

If you need advice about your Daisy products you can access our online manual here.


The different blankets and roller equipment consist of:

  • Solar pool blankets
  • Pool blanket boxes
  • Pool blanket heaters
  • Pool covers
  • Pool cover rollers

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Pool blankets and Rollers Supply and installation