Pool Care Melbourne

For regular pool maintenance services , look no further than AquaTech Pool and Spa Solutions. Regular pool care and spa equipment care is a must for preventing or catching a mechanical problem early, before it becomes a costly and inconvenient problem.

Pool care is an important factor in any home or commercial pool, without such the pools equipment and lifespan will shorten also making the pool unpleasant for anyone wanting to swim in it. Pool care consists of a many important factors to make sure all the aspects of the pool are running correctly.

By providing superior spa and pool care services in Melbourne, we offer the following services:

Pool care & Spa care

  • Replacing of pool pump mechanical seals – We recommend replacing pool pump mechanical seals every 3-4 years to prevent water leaking from the wet end to the pump motor. Failing to ensure pool care can lead to your pool pump rusting and damaging the motor.
  • Checking of valves and o-rings – Valves and o-rings should be checked for wear and tear, as well as for pump, filter and chlorinator barrel union connections. These problems can lead to suction and leaking issues in the filtration system.
  • Replacing of filter media – As part of our spa and pool care services, we recommend that sand be replaced every 5-6 years. As sand wears down over time, it may no longer filter out the fine particles. This can cause cloudy water or accumulate bacteria or oils from lotions, that backwashing can longer get rid of. We recommend cartridge filter elements should be every 2-3 years for optimum water filtration.
  • Automatic pool dosing systems  Acid pump squeeze tubes must be lubricated every 6 months, or more often in commercial applications. Depending upon usage, the squeeze tubes may require replacement after 12 months on a domestic installation, and earlier on a commercial installation. The sensors are sensitive instruments, so to maintain their accuracy they should be cleaned periodically. The chlorine sensor tip can be contaminated (generally observed by a copper or brownish coating - this should always look shiny gold) which will give a false reading to the controller, causing no dosing/over-dosing of chlorine. As the pH sensor tip is made of glass, a hairline crack can cause the sensor to read incorrectly causing malfunction.

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